I am a freelance photographer based in Los Angeles. When Iā€™m not sitting in traffic hating break lights, I love looking at the world though my lens. 

A few years ago I took Photo 1 at SMC and started shooting city-scapes.   Now I work in a full range of photographic styles; although, I find myself drawn towards lifestyle branding and the ability to blend beauty, story, and functionality.  I fully believe that great photographs are driven by the stories they tell. 

Being located in Los Angeles, I have easy access to a variety of locations from Mexico to Phoenix and up to San Fransisco.  This allows me to capture a wide range of terrain and aesthetics while keeping cost low for clients.  

For rates and availability please email me JohnFurth@gmail.com


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I produce all the content, unless otherwise noted, on this website.  Please ask permission before copying or reposting my work.  Thank You.